Scheduled Cruises

We offer scheduled cruises on a regular basis on Lake Pyhäjärvi and Lake Näsijärvi between a number of destinations. The historical steamboat Tarjanne cruises on Lake Näsijärvi, departing from Mustalahti Harbour on its way to Virrat. On Lake Pyhäjärvi, you can cruise to Viikinsaari, Laukon kartano, and to Hämeenlinna, stopping at various harbours along the way. Hop aboard on your own or take a bike, a pet, a friend or, if you wish, all of those things along with you!


Tampere – Virrat s/s Tarjanne 9.6.-14.8.2021

Hämeenlinna – Visavuori 8.6. – 17.8.2021

Tampere – Hämeenlinna 22.6. – 3.8.2021

Purchase tickets for a scheduled cruise

You can buy cruise tickets at the latest 1 day before the departure date from our online shop.

Tampere-Virrat-Ruovesi online shop »
Tampere-Hämeenlinna online shop »

You can also buy tickets from our ticket counter at Laukontori Harbour, Tampere, please see the contact information and hours of service »

For groups of more than 10 persons, ask for an offer and call our customer service number »

Scheduled cruises are also available as charter cruises or as tailored packages, according to your preferences.

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