Evening Cruises

Tampere, Laukontori


Thursdays & Saturdays at 19.00-22.00



Wednesdays & Saturdays at 19.00-22.00

Cruise 25 €/adult, 15 €/child 3-12 years


Prices in our webstore are online prices. An additional fee of 2 €/ticket is added to the price when bought from Laukontori ticket sale or on the boat.

Hopealinjat reserves the right to make changes. Please see our event calendar for upcoming cruises and up-to-date schedules.




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You can also buy tickets from our ticket counter at Laukontori Harbour, Tampere, please see the contact information and hours of service »

Scheduled cruises are also available as charter cruises or as tailored packages, according to your preferences.

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